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Let's Get Started!

My name is Becky Tsadilas 👋

and these are my dogs, Oscar & Norman 💜

I am an independent graphic designer and advisor specializing in small business and marketing. My expertise lies in creating strategic plans for startups, providing assistance with graphic design and marketing needs, and transforming your idea into a powerful and successful organization.



With the rise of entrepreneurship, more and more individuals are taking the leap to start their own businesses. Some are becoming coaches to support strategic success, while others are exploring their passions and starting their own small businesses. However, these individuals often require guidance and clarity with business basics such as identifying their brand, tools for client acquisition, and creating momentum for short and long term success.

That's where RIG Marketing and The Fast Track 90 Day Startup Program come in. We work with these clients to develop a powerful business strategy and provide weekly accountability and action sessions. Our goal is to transform their business ideas into tangible and powerful organizations.

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Check out some of our work for ideas to enhance your business!


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We specialize in modern website design, that is stunning, effective and flow with your brand and values. Having a functional website with creative design is imperative for client acquisition, creating a store online and having the ability to tell your stories to your clients and consumers. Need more proof? Check out our website portfolio and testimonials from some

of our very happy clients.


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Need a logo, book cover or something flashy to go with your promotion? 

We got you covered! 

We create various modern and stylistic designs to help support our

many client needs! 

Whatever project you are working on, 

whatever design you have in your mind, 

we can put it on paper and online for you

Check out our designs portfolio! 


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For unleashed business development there are many things that need branding,

so leave the branding to us!

We help create your brand and

style it on any marketing collateral

designs that you need, such as flyers,

promotional pieces,

business cards, rack cards, 

social media, letter heads and more!

Check out our brands and collateral!


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At RIG Marketing we strive to create beautiful and unique strategies and

designs for our clients that are not only out of this world

(or grander than a mountain),

we also ensure that what we design flows seamlessly with

our clients vision, mission and core values. 

R.I.G. means we provide Resources to Inspire Growth. 

Ultimately our passion is supporting you with creative marketing

and strategic planning toolkits,

to unleash momentum for your success!



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After my extensive training and certification in Life Coaching I found my new business venture needed a website and business cards. After contacting three website developers with no response or no confidence in the person I talked with, I came across Becky.  After just one conversation, I knew I had found that perfect person that was so knowledgeable and easy to work with in Becky.  She even helped me develop business cards that coordinated with my website. Wow!  Her fees are more then fair which is so important to smart new business owners.

 It’s working great for me. Thank you so much Becky!

Certified Life Coach

Linda Dill

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