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Build a
Profitable Business in 
90 Days or Less!

(without cold calling, asking your friends and family and

wasting thousands of dollars on programs that don't work!) 

A transformational program for empowered individuals

looking to ignite their passions and

unleash their creativity into their careers.

Does this sound like you?

You feel stuck in a monotonous job, wasting your life.


You are afraid of not having enough time or money.


You feel like you could do more with your life, giving back somehow.


You are afraid to jump and make the leap of faith to entrepreneurship, even though deep down you know you would succeed.

Answer a Few Questions...

Wouldn't it be great to get your business branded, online and on the right track, right away?

Wouldn't it be great to stop wasting thousands of dollars jumping from one company to another?

Wouldn't it be great ultimately to get real accountability sessions to help your business succeed in your first 90 days?

If you answered yes to any of those questions
Get support with
The Fast Track 90-Day
Startup Program! 

Create meaning and excitement 
by starting your own business!

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90 Day Guide

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This Fast Track Program IS for You:

If you are frustrated with the politics in your current job and

you're ready to be your own boss!

If you want to start your own business to make your own rules!

If you're ready to work one-to-one with a mentor to

fast track your business success!

If you're ready to follow a step-by-step model to attract

the perfect client and be profitable!

Warning: This may not be good for you:

If you are not willing to put in the work, then this is not for you.

If you are not willing to listen or follow instructions, then this is not for you.

And if you are not willing to invest in yourself and your business,

then this is definitely not for you.


Meet Oscar & Norman 
(Our Official Creative Woofers)

Work with Becky 
Business Strategist · Coach · Designer

Coaches, consultants and small businesses are some of the biggest leaders in the world, and they help the world grow in a multitude of ways! 


As a graphic designer and business a strategist, I take my clients vision, mission and core values, and develop them into a unique, creative and powerful business strategy.


I create an online presence suited to the clients needs - inclusive of modern website design and marketing collateral and tools required with a modern and stylistic design.


As this all unfolds, weekly strategy, planning and action sessions are scheduled for my clients unleashed business development in their first 90 days!

Image by Floriane Vita

What to expect!

With The Fast Track 90 Day Startup Program we work diligently to take your idea and create it into a tangible and profitable business. 

Each week is jam-packed and comprised with effective ideas, strategies and executions for your business, to flow with your vision and core values.  

1 to 30

Week 1 / Build a Vision

We work together to identify where you want your business to be in one to five years, and work backwards to achieve this vision. We like to call this "Building Your Castle in the Sky."

Week 2 / Build a Story

Having a story helps our clients connect with us on a deeper level. It shows that we are real and we are genuinely here to help and give back. 

Week 3 / Build Your Life Changing Brand

Your brand is a unique expression of you. Your core values, what you believe and everything tastefully in the middle, with some favourite colours and awesome-witty content. 

Week 4 / Build an Online Presence

Time to get your brand and story out there! We start with a unique landing page for clients to get in touch with you, as we develop a bigger website for launch at the end of the 90 days. 

30 to 60

Week 5 / Launch a Workshop

One of the best ways to portray your expertise and get in front of a lot of people for exposure, is scheduling a workshop. These can be in-person or virtual. 

Week 6 / Launch a "Freebie"

To get clients right off the hop, you can offer something for free (or discounted) like a free coaching or strategy session, or a discounted package. 

Week 7 / Launch a Campaign

Let's talk advertising! We like to use Facebook or YouTube campaigns for paid advertising. If paid is not the way you want to go, we can discuss the many free promotions available.

(RIG Marketing is not responsible for the additional costs of any paid advertising.)

Week 8 / Launch a Virtual Class (or in-person) 

Group classes or group coaching is a great way for your clients to pay less and get more! We recommend developing a 12 week course to help your clients with your expertise! 

Powerful Business Strategy

"Wait, Slow Down!"

If The Fast Track 90 Day Startup Program is a little

too quick for you, be sure to check out 

The 180 Day Startup Program,

to give you more time to prepare! 

Mountain Cabin

90 Day Startup Guide

Enter Your Email to Download the Free "90 Day Startup Guide"

60 to 90

Week 9 / Create an "RDI" 

RDI's (or Revolving Doors of Income) are products that we are not exchanging our time for money. The goal is to get paid 

while sipping margaritas on the beach in Bora-Bora. 🌴

Week 10 / Create a Course or Book Outline

Books and self-directed courses are perfect RDI's - they are also great ways to really share your expertise. They can be time consuming, so we help you create the outline. 

Week 11 / Create a Course or Book Structure

After we have come up with a clever idea for a book or course, we will help you identify the structure and suggest any additional resources that may be required. 

(RIG Marketing does not take any responsibility writing or additional fees developing RDI's)

Week 12 / Create a Campaign for the "RDI"

Once the RDI is ready for launch, we will go over any additional resources, appropriate launch and campaigns for this product to start making you passive income! 🎉

Let's Get Started!

Unleashed Business Development

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Time to Launch!

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