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Since 2017 RIG Marketing has taken our clients visions and inspirations, collided it with creativity to develop personalized and unique business strategies and art online.


Our vision is to create marketing plans and materials for our clients that flow with the clients true identity, core values and Divine passions. Thus, resulting in our clients ability to live the careers they have always dreamt. 

Transparency, honesty and integrity are all integral parts of our core values, and these shine through our work with our clients (among many others). 

It's our mission to create business connections and creations that have synergy and inspiration for our clients.



Creator | Designer | Strategist

RIG blue mtn.png
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"It's hard to beat a person who never gives up"

~Babe Ruth


Founder and Lead Designer

C.P.C · C.D.R.C · C.M.T

A business and marketing strategist, and a branding and creative guru, Becky has an eye for design and detail that is modernly confident. She perseveres in perfection for her clients to ensure that the client is completely, if not overly satisfied with her work and their new future. Her core values stem from open communication, trust, and hard work, resulting in someone who is consistently challenging and learning to make more creative art online and have the happiest of clients. 


Her marketing business RIG Marketing has been successful for over five years and has helped dozens of clients with their branding, strategy, website design, tale-telling content, and business coaching, helping startups and small businesses from nothing to profiting in their first year!


She is always looking to advance and improve her work, if you are looking to work with Becky or hire her for her services, please contact her below. 

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